Naomi & Claude – ElderExercise review

We have been going along in an experimental way for about six months. It’s a good time to review what we are all about in Elderexercise.

To work as a support group for regular exercise, we agreed we’d each develop a plan with personal goals for exercise, report weekly on efforts to reach those goals, and regularly give support to one another.

We came together because regular exercise is a challenge, so it’s no surprise that we may drift over time. We’re suggesting that during the week of October 5 to October 12, each of us take a look at where we are now (perhaps changes have occurred in types of exercise) and make a commitment to post weekly and to give support to other members.

If you cannot post for a period of time, we’d appreciate your leaving a few words about that. And, if Elderexercise has not worked for you, please take yourself out of the group rather than keeping us wondering what’s on your mind.

Claude & Naomi

We’ll keep this post at the top of the blog homepage, until we’ve all posted our own review and commitment



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2 responses to “Naomi & Claude – ElderExercise review

  1. Sara

    Hi, everyone, I think my last post could serve as my review, actually. I LOVE this group and depend on it to keep me honest with exercise. Admittedly, I’m too perfectionist and push myself too hard at times…and you call me on that, and I really appreciate it! But also you inspire me with what you accomplish. That’s exactly what I wanted when I joined the group, so thank you all! Plus it is fun getting to know more people on the net and when I can, I enjoy checking in on your blogs. Perhaps one day I will have one too… 🙂

  2. lilalia

    Hi, everyone as well. I can only repeat Sara in underlining how this group is important to me. Writing the regular entries (though admittedly I didn’t get to this last week) is important for keeping me accountable, and your feedback has been very motivating. Since starting with the group, I am much more consequential in getting regular exercise than it has been in an long long time.

    At the moment, I might be more lacks at writing entries, but I am still keeping up with the regular exercise. I will promise to be more diligent in future weeks and try to contribute more comments to other members’ posts.

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