Naomi – August 28 – September 18…life happens

My apologies.  Couple of things have come together, one political, the other technical.  Began doing voter registration and finally switching from PC to Mac.  The latter meant that there was about a week of getting old hard drive to Mac store and waiting for data transfer, i.e., no computer.

August 28 – Made Barackolate chip cookies night before, had insomnia, missed Thursday morning Elder walking:  2,786 steps all-time low!

August 29 – 10,182 steps, 3,716 aerobic (no idea–subway stairs?)

August 30 –  5,704 steps, 10 AB crunch machine; voter registration (sitting!)

August 31- 3,244 steps

September 1 – 7,900 steps, 3,048 aerobic

September 2 – 8,662 steps, no aerobic but was pushing Roxie’s stroller???

September 3 – 6,269 steps

September 4 – 11,094 steps, 6,740 aerobic (steep steps with Thurs. group in park), voter registration, all standing (see blog)

September 5 – 6,030 steps…Sept. 6 – 4,213 steps

September 7 – 4,687 steps, 1,323 aerobic,  10 AB crunch, Treadmill 10 min-3.4/1.0

September 8- 5,052 steps….Sept. 9 – 5,295 steps

September 10 –14,187 steps, 1,124 aerobic

September 11 – 9,745 steps, 5,506 aerobic (Thursday walking group)

September 12 – 1,382 steps (New Imac finally comes home)

Sept. 13- 1,382 steps (voter regisration seated)….Sept. 14 – 4,505 steps

Sept. 15 – 8,110 steps (voter regis. standing)…Sept. 16 –4,328 steps (voter regis.)

Sept. 17 – 7,439 steps, 1,406 aerobic

Sept. 18 – 11,197 steps, 5,649 aerobic (Thursday walk)
My apologies for the epic.  Going to stop here.  One issue have not mentioned is that I have been experiencing pain frequently in my right shoulder and arm.  Have just about stopped knitting.  My doctor gave me name of exercise physiologist who would, I hope, direct me to ways for upper body exercise.   Using weights has been off my list for many years, so need something else.  {italics not my idea; WordPress resists change.)


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4 responses to “Naomi – August 28 – September 18…life happens

  1. Sara

    VERY impressive step record, Naomi! You are really getting the totals up there. Hurrah for you!
    I am so sorry to hear of this shoulder/arm pain.
    Have not mentioned this yet here, but I am wondering if any of you are familiar with Alexander technique. I had a weekly session for about a year when I lived in Miami, and learned so much about releasing unnecessary tension while doing ordinary daily life movements.
    The fact that you are having it on the right side makes me wonder if there is a use factor that could have affected its occurrence there. There should be numerous wonderful practitioners in New York. We have very few here in central PA.

  2. lilalia

    Even within all that busy-ness you managed to keep up a strong routine. Good going.

  3. Fantastic two weeks, Naomi! You’re a walking champion, now.
    Yes, the aerobic steps might be the subway steps, at least the subway steps are good at something 😉
    About the shoulder/arm pain, check out if it couldn’t possibly be some sort of “mouse elbow”… Am mentioning this since you’ve recently changed computers.
    Personally, although I am a Mac addict, I don’t use the so-called Mighty Mouse. Find it harder to use than an ordinary mouse with a right click.
    Have a nice trip, and don’t forget your pedometer!

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Sara, Lia, & Claude, Thanks for kudos. Thinking about doing steps-summary in the future. When 5,ooo/day becomes more regular, I may only list those “plus” days.

    Had Logitech wireless mouse with PC, so could be part of problem. Do not think myself dressed without pedometer!

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