Sara – somewhat less silly…

or maybe I am just getting used to it!  The middle of the week is always when I just have no time or energy for the aerobic thing!  I’m finding this Omron record very interesting for what it reveals about the burning of calories and the relation of that to whether I am walking fast or slower.  Or contradancing…

Monday Sept. 15 – 9423 steps, 6477 aerobic (50 min.), 237 calories, 3.27 miles.

Tuesday Sept. 16 – 9608 steps, 4982 aerobic (40 min.), 227 calories, 3.33 miles.   This may have been the day I tested the pedometer, and it failed to pick up another 1 or 2000 aerobic steps that I did on the second leg of this walk. 

Wed. Sept. 17 – 4501 steps, 107 calories, 1.56 miles.  I collapsed in preparation for evening rehearsal.

Thurs. Sept. 18 – 2437 steps, 50 calories, .84 miles.  I collapsed even further…

Fri. Sept. 19 – 11,119 steps, no aerobic recorded, which is interesting since a lot of these steps were quite energetic since I was contradancing for three hours or so!  291 calories, 3.86 miles.

Sat. Sept. 20 – 12,343 steps, 6523 aerobic (52 minutes, I walked to Wegman’s and back), 285 calories, 4.28 miles.  Oh my poor feet were out of shape, and I’ve spent the evening on the sofa!  But it felt good.  And weight has been pretty stable which is a good sign.

I’m hoping to get in some aerobic tomorrow, even though I work in the AM and then another recruiting session at night.  Weather has been very nice, cool but sunny, just perfect for walking!   Best wishes to everyone!



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4 responses to “Sara – somewhat less silly…

  1. Ah but the pedometer doesn’t like it much when I’m step dancing or rhythm boxing on the wii either. It just doesn’t recognize what I am doing! And yet, I get quite out of breath.
    But that is its only flaw, I think. It’s never stopped for me in other occasions. Anyway, I find that there’s a difference in intensity in what Omron calls aerobic steps and what I call brisk walking. Brisk walking is definitely recognized as aerobic steps, but aerobic steps is not necessarily brisk walking, in other words, when I am just on the edge of being out of breath, and that’s the cardiotraining part. Must be also when you are contradancing.
    I admire you for the contradancing part. I’ve always been a lousy dancer, too self-conscious, I guess…
    A great week Sara, congratulations.

  2. lilalia

    Very good week indeed. It can be hard on the feet can’t it? Do you do all your walking on cement sidewalks, or do you walk along some dirt paths sometimes?

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Very useful information you continue to share on Omron and its aerobic measure. I’m totally baffled by it and lazily depending on you to reach a higher level of understanding…sorry for dependency.

    Meanwhile, I see you are definitely in a groove, as they say, on expanding your exercise options. Think it would be useful for those of us who can do it to look at meaning of calories and miles. Though I’ve dutifully recorded these for each day, my mind has not wrapped around precisely how they fit in the larger picture.

  4. Sara

    Yes, Claude, you’re right about the aerobic steps and brisk walking not being quite the same. There are days I am grateful for that, when I am not quite up to brisk walking! I think it does not record the contra because there is a lot of starting and stopping, and it likes for you to establish a pace and continue consistently, to count as aerobic.
    Lia, mostly I’m on pavement. I think one reason my feet wore out this last time was because at the contra, I have to wear shoes with soles that slide, and they are not very well padded, in fact they had a small heel. so my feet were much more tired than if I had worn my trainers. Shoes for contra are a constant struggle actually. I have some flatheeled boots that work well but it’s too warm for them right now.
    Naomi, I’m not sure what it all adds up to either! Maybe one of these days I will see a consistent pattern. Recording with that in mind…

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