Claude – almost two rather good weeks

It’s almost two weeks since I posted. Shame on me for not posting at least once a week, as the rules of the blog say. But I did come and visit and comment! So I did half the job. 😉

But back to exercise.
I’ve had pretty busy weeks and resumed my Feldenkrais and stretching sessions. That did me a lot of good.
So here goes
Sept 8: 14115 steps, 6800 aerobic steps
Sept 9: 11,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais session
Sept 10: 5,000 steps
Sept 11: nothing
Sept 12: 13,157 steps One-hour stretching session,
Sept 13: my friend Annik and I walked 11,500 steps and we had 30mn brisk walking


No indoors biking yet

Sept 14: 4,060 steps 30mn Wii aerobics

Sept 15: I had decided to go back to the swimming-pool, but found the doors closed 😦 so I went to the movies instead, but walked there, 14115 steps, 6800 aerobic steps
Sept 16: I did go to the swimming-pool. Had a light lunch before, and that was a mistake. I should probably have had pasta or something equally nourishing.
I swam 850 metres, (half a mile) which for me is very good, but when I got dressed, I felt like my legs were not carrying me and thought I’d never manage to get home (only a few minutes away). When I got back, I had bread and jam, a cup of strong hot tea and a banana and went for a two hours’ nap!
After which, I was perfectly fine. I guess reasonable eating before swimming is important.

Sept 17: 12,082 steps, 5379 aerobic steps
Sept 18: 7,000 steps, 2000 aerobic steps
Sept 19: one-hour stretching session, 13,000 steps, 35mn brisk walking



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5 responses to “Claude – almost two rather good weeks

  1. lilalia

    You are officially our walking queen. I can’t believe how well you are doing. Do you think you’ve always walked so much or have you decided to up the count consciously? Whatever it is, hurray for you.

  2. Sara

    WOW, Claude, good job! I agree with Lia. Your step count is VERY inspiring!

  3. I must say these two weeks were nice! But you see, the weather has been ideal for brisk walking. Sunny but not too warm. Just perfect.
    I’m seeing my nutritionist this week. Did I mention I am being pretty unreasonable about food? 😉

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Claude, you’re doing such a great job in keeping on keeping on.

    The food issue may be more elusive for elders than increased movement. Have we not focused in a useful way here on that one?

  5. Sara

    Go for the irrational. I am being unreasonable about wine tonight — :-)!

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