Ron – rowing Nowhere

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been getting used to our new rowing machine slowly, with 30 minute workouts.  Did an hour for the first time today.  Rowed 20k down a nonexistent river!  I don’t think 20k/hour is going to make anybody’s Olympic team, but not too bad for an old guy.

Best good wishes,




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3 responses to “Ron – rowing Nowhere

  1. lilalia

    From this end of the river, 20k/hr does sound fast indeed. All that without a river and a cheering crowd… Rowing is supposed to excellent for your whole body. Do you find it so?

  2. lilalia

    Ron, thank for sending the email. Your experiences with rowing mirror that what friends have said as well.

  3. Sara

    I love the motion of rowing but until I rejoin a gym, won’t have that option. Hurrah for you, I think an hour is quite impressive!

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