Sara — “pressure…”

Hi, everyone,

Yes, that title means that my silly season is here, when after I’ve proudly done 10 jobs, 10 more pop up that need done by tomorrow.  Pressure…and one gets tired…but here is my record so far.  NOT the aerobic queen this week!

Sat. Sept. 6 – 9460 steps, 5189 aerobic.  Weighed 150 lbs, ugh pooh.

Sun. Sept. 7 – 7692 steps, 4483 aerobic.

Mon. Sept. 8 – 9378 steps, 6388 aerobic.

Tues. Sept. 9 – 3795 steps, no aerobic.

Wed. Sept. 10 – 6952 steps, 1891 aerobic.

Thurs. Sept. 11 – 3384 steps, no aerobic.  Did 160 reps on the cardioglide.

Fri. Sept. 12 – 5804 steps, no aerobic.

Sat. Sept. 13 – 5355 steps, no aerobic.  Weight stabilized at 147.5 lbs.

Sun. Sept. 14 – 4767 steps, no aerobic.

All things considered, I’m just happy that I weighed in at 148 lbs. this AM!  For me NOT to pig out when I have been indoors a lot is a real change.  

Thanks, everyone, for all your positive comments!  They really help keep me on track!



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3 responses to “Sara — “pressure…”

  1. lilalia

    Sara, but that is certainly a very respectable amount of steps, isn’t it? Does the silly season have an end date? Or, is it more or less a constant state of being?

  2. It looks like a pretty good week to me, sportswise!
    In spite of the silly season, so congratulations on being pretty regular. I love that Omrom pedometer. So pleased you discovered it! Two of my French friends now have one, purchased on eBay.

  3. Sara

    Thanks, you two! Encouragement much appreciated. The silly season is worse right now than usual, since I am getting all my choirs started, so have to plan, execute and recruit all at the same time. Once recruitment is completed, then it is a bit better…but Lia, you’re right about the silliness being somewhat constant. My summers are my time to regroup.

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