Lia – Let Autumn Begin

We had some spectular late summer days last week. Made for lots of execise. Then the raining Baltic autumn arrived and this weekend was a case of no exercise. Still, there were some good days.

Friday: Walking 7,400 steps

Saturday: Walking 6,300 steps, 3 hours of helping with a move (carrying heavy cartons, my poor back!!!)

Sunday: 2 ½ hour bicycle tour, 7, 100 step

Monday: Walking 8,700 steps

Tuesday: Walking 7,100 steps

Wednesday: Walking 6,900 steps

Thursday: Walking 7,400 steps

Friday: Walking 5,300 steps (lots of stairs)

Saturday: Walking 3,300 steps

Sunday: nothing



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4 responses to “Lia – Let Autumn Begin

  1. Quite an excellent week! No yoga? I’m surprised 😉
    When it’s sunny, it’s so much easier to walk everywhere!
    I save the biking and Wii for rainy days…

  2. Sara

    Excellent, Lia! And biking, stairs, and moving things to boot! Congratulations! 🙂

  3. lilalia

    Claude, I was traveling to Berlin last week. I’m not one of those persons that feels comfortable stretching out on the floors at other people’s homes. I’m back on the mat this week.

    Sara, the moving thing really was the most strenuous thing I had done, probably in years.

  4. That explains it! I understand you! Very uncomfortable without your mat.

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