Claude – September 1 to September 8

At the beginning of the week, I was still in Normandy and looking forward to get back home.
Monday 1st, 10 mn stretching, 35mn brisk walking and my pedometer said 10,400 steps
Tuesday 2nd was just one of these days. Rain, rain, rain. So I did… nothing
Wednesday 3rd, I walked 6,000 steps, packed my case and cleaned up
Thursday morning 4th, I drove back to Paris and went shopping in the afternoon, for food, cat litter and a few other things, result, 10,000 steps! Didn’t I tell you that living in the city was easier on walking than being in the country?
Friday 5th 8, 043 steps
Saturday 6th, 9, 623 steps, (3, 661 aerobic)
Sunday 7th, just went to the market and did some shopping, 5,000 steps
Unfortunately, my TV broke, which means that I am deprived of my beloved Wii Fit. They are only picking it up this morning and hopefully bringing a replacement!

Has any of you tried exercising with a gym ball? I’ve seen videos of people using one and it looks interesting…



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3 responses to “Claude – September 1 to September 8

  1. naomidagenbloom

    Okay, you do seem to do more in an urban setting than other. But the Normandy steps indicate quite steady movement. We all need a day off!

    Yes, I’ve done the gym ball. Amused by it but not a fan.

  2. lilalia

    Good week. It must be hard to be without your wii, since you were undoubtedly looking forward to using it on your return. Gym balls are good in gyms and physiotherapy practices. Interests wains very quickly and then you have a deflated gym ball in your cupboards sitting right next to the bread baking machines of late.

  3. Sara

    Oh yes, Paris is The Place for walking! Good job on the other days too, Claude! I hope you have your Wii back by now.
    Thanks for feedback on balls, Lia and Naomi. I’ve been tempted to buy one but my closet is already full of unused stuff…

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