Sandy – progress(?) report

As far as exercise is concerned there hasn’t really been any progress I’m afraid but, medically speaking I have been told it’s time to sort out the varicose veins and I’m seeing the surgeon at the end of November.

Next week i start the injections for my knee so i’m hoping to be able to move about more freely by October.

The lack of exercise is frustrating and I feel I’m getting out of breath far too easily. Dieting has been difficult because we had three friends to stay at the end of August but it’s improving now.

One of these days I’ll surprise you all by posting a respectable number of steps.



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4 responses to “Sandy – progress(?) report

  1. lilalia

    Sandy, you just stick in there. Maybe you can do mental exercise: meditation, contemplation, and enjoying the last summer and early autumn.

  2. Have you tried abs on your bed? It might be better than nothing…

  3. sablonneuse

    Lia, my mental exercise involves doing sudoku: it’s also a means of relieving stress.
    Claude, I do pelvic floor exercises but the physio said I should be careful regarding ab exercises as it could do more harm than good in my present state of ‘disrepair’.
    Thank you both for yur support.

  4. Sara

    We won’t be surprised when you post those steps, Sandy, we know you will get there!
    In the meantime, may I suggest singing? GREAT for the muscles which elevate the ribs and for abs too. You can always sing to your ipod if you don’t want to hear yourself… 🙂

    Ever since the music teacher at school told me I had a ‘farthing squeak from Woolworth’s’ I’ve had a thing about singing. Maybe I’ll start playing the flute or clarinet again.

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