Holly – new member

Hi everyone, I am delighted to be joining this group and sharing my progress with all of you. By the way have you heard about Nike Plus? I wrote about this on my blog a while back:

Thanks to Sree Sreenivasan, Dean of Students and New Media Director Columbia University Journalism School and Technology Reporter for WNBC-TV in New York, I learned about Nike Plus. It was actually through one of Mr. Sreenivasan’s fascinating online video courses at the mediabistro website, of which more later. Get this: you can connect a pair of Nikes to your iPod nano and presto! you’ve got your own personal trainer. The iPod will log each step you take and keep track of it on a special website. It’s rather amazing. More info here.



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5 responses to “Holly – new member

  1. Holly, welcome to ElderExercise. We are delighted to have you. Thanks for this tip about Nike Plus.

  2. lilalia

    A very warm welcome. I do hope you feel comfortable in our group.

    I just went out to dinner with a friend visiting from Zurich. She used the Nike Plus to participate in a Human Race event. It was a 10 km race that you could either do in various cities around the world, or by docking on the Nike Plus and “submitting” your times via the Internet. Sounded like fun.

  3. sablonneuse

    Hello Holly and welcome. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the group. They cheer you up when you’re down and encourage you when you’re doing well, and it’s good to hear how everyone else is doing.

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Good to see you here, Holly! Glad that our exchange encouraged the plunge.

    Took a quick look at the Nike idea. Intriguing and look forward to hearing more.

    Did you decide on the Omron Pedometer? You’d impress people in place you’ll be traveling.

  5. Sara

    Welcome, Holly! Sorry to be so long in greeting you. I just read your goals page and I can identify since I also work from my home quite a lot, and on the computer as well as the piano. It has taken me quite some time to work up to my present activity level. A key for me has been to break out of my habits and form a new exercise habit that can fit in even on the worst days. If I can choose “walk around the block (long block) for 13 minutes” as opposed to “drink another cup of coffee,” I consider it a victory! Bonne chance!

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