Naomi – August 16 – 27

So where did the time go…feeling a bit tardy about posting but not about exercise!  Added ABS.

7,050 steps August 16

8,841 steps August 17

2,360 steps August 18 + 10 mins. ABS exercise via cable TV

7,782 steps August 19

5,990 steps [1,1419 aerobic] August 20…thanks to Sara alert on use of Omron pedometer!

8,000 steps August 21…because my Thursday Big Apple walk group had grocrumby pedometers  from  City Health Dept, Omron helped us to know we’d done 6,000 steps each.

5,767 steps August 22

5,241 steps August 23

11,877 steps [2,723 aerobic] August 24…picking up family at airport can really add miles! 

6,230 steps August 25

8,136 steps [2,284 aerobic] August 26….10 ABS Crunch machine…10 minutes Treadmill, increased speed to 3.0 with 1.0/incline

*5,798 steps August 27…Waist measure, 37 inches.  This is my real concern beyond weight and the most difficult to change.  Oh, I knew this was my bottom-line issue, had avoided the tape.  No more.  Will I be able to reduce this?  (That’s a rhetorical question.)



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4 responses to “Naomi – August 16 – 27

  1. lilalia

    You managed to really clock up a good number of steps. I couldn’t believe how many steps your trip out to the airport was! Isn’t that surprising? What I like about the pedometer, is before you might come home from the airport exhausted, thinking it was a wasted day for exercise, now you know you had a very respectable workout.

  2. What an impressive week! Congratulations, Naomi! Loved the bit about all the other pedometers while your faithfully recorded your steps!
    I guess this group is doing wonders for the Omron pedometer 😉 thanks to Sara.
    And you’re sticking to abs too! Wonderful, Naomi!

  3. Sara

    This really looks good, Naomi! I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the aerobic step feature! and I do like the way it counts your everyday steps very accurately — helps on those days when your aerobic count is ZERO!

  4. sablonneuse

    Even if time passed quickly you managed to fit in a whole lot of exercise. Well done you!

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