Lia- chaotic karma

Well, I am going to have to bow out gracefully and say that my life in the last week has been just too chaotic and solely laking in any serious exercise. I did manage between two to four thousand steps a day, one good yoga practice, and, if I remember correctly two 10-minute abs sessions before going to bed. Nothing to call home about. Still, I am hopeful.

The gods willing, there will be a Tomorrow and I hope to do better. Thank heavens for you guys…



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5 responses to “Lia- chaotic karma

  1. naomidagenbloom

    Lia, There’s always a reason to call home at Elderexercise. You exercised as you were able, did not spend the week prone! Looking forward to your next effort.

  2. Next week will be better, Lia, don’t you worry. We all have our lapses. My week has been pretty lame too. And you still have manage a good yoga session and a couple of abs reps.
    Let’s look forward and not backwards!

  3. lilalia

    Dear Naomi and Claude, you got it, it is just a lull. Better times to come.

  4. sablonneuse

    Lia, I hope you’re not seriously ‘bowing out’. You can’t be as lacking in exercise as I am and I’m not giving up yet!

  5. lilalia

    Sandy, I just meant bowing out of that week. Now that our lives have returned to its normal routine, exercise is easier to do.

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