Sandy – doctor’s again

Pleased to report that my knee isn’t so bad and I actually managed some housework this week (had to really as my cleaning lady was on holiday).

It took three sessions for me to so what she does in a couple of hours but it was an achievement.

Had my circulation checked on Monday and it seems I’m going to have to have my varicose veins done. It was fascinating watching the pictures on his computer, but although he tried to explain what it all meant I didn’t understand completely.

I think he said the valves in the veins in my legs weren’t working properly so I have to give him time to write to my GP and then go and see her about being referred for an operation. Another little setback for restarting an exercise routine.

Don’t mention the diet, please. . . . . . .



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7 responses to “Sandy – doctor’s again

  1. lilalia

    Sorry to hear about the necessity for the surgery. Even if it is not major surgery, it’s got to be worrying. Just hope you are back up on your feet soon. When do you think they will do it?

  2. sablonneuse

    Apparently they don’t do varicose vein ops until the Autumn – even though it hasn’t exactly been a hot Summer.
    I haven’t been to see my GP yet and probably won’t until the end of the month as I’m expecting friends at the weekend.

  3. lilalia

    I don’t image the problems with the varicose veins is acute, so leaving it for a week or two won’t make any difference. Hopefully, a visit from friends will help pick up your spirits and make your worries go away.

  4. Sara

    Nice that your knee has been better and you were able to do some housework! Maybe the surgery will help…although certainly never pleasant to undergo…
    Take care and focus on the upside!

  5. sablonneuse

    lilalia: the specialist said it wasn’t urgent but they needed doing to avoid complications later.
    Sara: I have to wait until September for a series of three ‘infiltrations’ (injections) for my knee. I’m hoping that will give me back some mobility. Unfortunately, my husband had similar treatment a few weeks ago and it hasn’t helped as much as he’d hoped.

  6. Hope the injections will do you good. Don’t get on your knees and weed your garden out though! 😉

  7. Kay

    Awww gee, Sandy!!! I’m sorry to hear this but hopefully the injections will help. That you managed housework is good.

    Hope things get better soon.

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