Sara: steps = good; weight = less good

Well, it’s been an odd week — I had lots of organ practice to do since I had to play mass yesterday, plus getting the fall music planning started.  Then somehow I ended up going out to eat twice — not eating too much but probably drinking a bit more than I should.  Fun though…

But I’ll get serious here…

Sat. Aug 2 – 6115 steps; some belly dancing practice

Sun. Aug. 3 – 9482 steps; some situps and leglifts

Mon. Aug. 4 – 1640 steps; one hour bellydance lesson — YES!

Tues. Aug. 5 – 6359 steps

Wed. Aug. 6 – 6649 steps

Thurs. Aug. 7 – 8910 steps; 100 reps on cardioglide;  12 situps/side leglifts

Fri. Aug 8 – 3124 steps – this was a busy day, and then I had two glasses of wine and one beer…

Sat. Aug. 9 – 8804 steps – out to dinner, but only one glass of wine

Sun. Aug. 10 – 8930 steps – new pedometer came!  So gratifying — it counts my indoor steps so much better so now it is easier to see that I am actually walking quite a lot.  It’s getting more fun to do this and I find I am less winded on the hills and more able to add some arm movement to get those triceps working.

Now for the weight issue — not a BIGGEE really, but I just would like to weigh less.  For one thing, the flab looks yucky when you bellydance.  Not that I do that a lot.  Or in public.  But still…

I went back to weighing every day, realizing that that does help me not to fool myself about what is going on.  I’m oscillating between 149 pounds and 145 pounds right now.  Would really like to get that down to 140 to 144 pounds if possible.  I know what happens — I get stressed and go for the carbs which are easy to grab and ingest.  Trying to keep more veggies and fruits around and get myself to eat them instead…oh well!  Nothing’s perfect!  Hi ho!  and yes, Claude, I should be in bed, it’s 2:15 AM here, but I wasn’t in the mood to sleep so I got up to write you guys!  Sleep well!  🙂



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12 responses to “Sara: steps = good; weight = less good

  1. naomidagenbloom


    If it were possible/permissible, I’d like to change your headline here to reflect real progress. Let’s see, :

    Organist Wows with Stepping Numbers–
    Belly Dancing While Singing=Improved Skills
    Struggle Continues between Carbs & Steps

    You did say that laughing helps, right? My point, if not clear, please never use the “bad” word. That should be a no-no in Elderexercise. Your week’s activity is impressive.

    Yeah, the weight thing…weighing in every day sounds counter-productive, could get in the way of feeling accomplished exercise-wise. Why not once a week?

  2. Sara

    Hee hee, I’m laughing already! Thanks, Naomi! I will ban “bad” from my e.e. vocabulary — I wasn’t really thinking “Bad” – was I? Well maybe so! OK, “less good” perhaps?
    I tried weighing in every week and found that MORE depressing since I couldn’t see that some days I do weigh less…if I hit that “less good” day on the day I happen to weigh myself, that makes me feel worse. For another whole week!
    It could be that I am truly building muscle and that at some point this will turn around…what do you think, everyone?

  3. Sara

    I tried to change that “bad” to “less good” but WordPress said I couldn’t do that. ??? Help, somebody!

  4. Can’t understand why wordpress wouldn’t let you fix it. I did! Just passing by as I got back from the UK today, and am planning on being a vegetable for the next two days 😉
    Had a great trip, but am tired! So will be commenting tomorrow.

  5. Kay

    Sara, you’re doing fine. I prefer not to weigh myself daily — I usually only weigh myself every couple weeks. It’s less depressing.

  6. Wow!!!!!! Belly dancing! I can’t even do the hula hoop stuff on the WiiFit! I’m in awe!
    That’s strenuous exercise I would say. Good for you.

  7. naomidagenbloom

    Sara & Claude,

    Perfect re-frame…that’s our goal ’cause we’re trying hard a bit later in life to make changes.

  8. lilalia

    Great amount of walking there. Well, we are all obviously as pleased as punch at seeing those numbers on your list. Congratulations.

  9. Great job, Sara, the weight loss will follow! 😉

  10. Sara

    Thanks, everybody! LOL! Claude, confession time here — I may do belly dance but I can’t do the hula hoop either, never could even as a child. Belly moves actually can be fairly slow and controlled (it’s kind of like yoga in that it involves localized muscle work). Your gluteal muscles do get a workout, but I don’t think they are much help in hula hooping. Gee, never thought about muscles for hula hooping. Maybe I’d better not go there! At any rate, you probably COULD bellydance, even if you can’t hulahoop…if you wanted to of course. Gee, after all that, I just wanna veg! And have a Jameson’s. 😉 to Kay!

  11. sablonneuse

    Gosh Sara, didn’t realise you were an organist. I used to play (avoiding the pedals as I’m really a pianist) but had to give up when my eyes no longer focused on the music. Stoppng mid-hymn because you’ve lost the place doesn’t go down very well!
    Anyway, I think your exercise record is very good. If I could achieve half that I’d be pleased.

  12. Sara

    Hi Sandy, well, I’m not really an organist either, I use the bass coupler! Really just a pianist. But I do want to learn to play pedals, I keep saying I will do that when I retire. I wear both glasses and bifocal contacts, since the midrange focus for seeing music is sometimes elusive. So far I am seeing OK…
    Do you still play piano?
    Thanks — I can’t pat myself on the back too much since I am still somewhat en vacances. When nighttime rehearsals start, I will have a harder time doing all this walking.

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