Sandy – up to Aug 9th

Well, hello again everyone. I’m determined to be motivated rather than discouraged when I read about all your progress but i’m not able to join in yet.

On the good side, I dd manage a few short walks to the chemist, post office and surgery (less than 1kilometer return!) which is an improvement on having to take the car.

However, I got carried away and had a go at weeding the front of the house yesterday which put me back – almost to square one.

It is frustrating having to balance the ‘resting’ and the ‘moving’. Too much of either causes trouble!

Roll on September when, hopefully, the injections will do the trick.

I probably won’t post on a weekly basis as there won’t be any exercise worth mentioning for a while but I’ll be reading what all of you are doing and wishing you success.

Keep at it  – and happy exercise!



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8 responses to “Sandy – up to Aug 9th

  1. Kay

    I think it’s great that you’re trying, Sandy! Old habits die hard and when nasty “little” things like pain intrude, it dashes good intentions. Just don’t get discouraged and do what you can when you can! We are all cheering for you!!!!

  2. Sara

    Good for you, Sandy! Yes, the “yo-yo” effect can be very frustrating. But keep doing small things and soon I’m sure you will be able to handle more! Let us know how it is coming… 🙂

  3. lilalia

    It is discouraging when you just can’t do what it is in your mind to do. I think that we all have to take these sort of setbacks philosophically and practice patience and find some humour in it. I know it is hard, and I don’t do well in that department myself, but I can wish you well in trying.

  4. Sandy, please post, just to tell us how you are.
    I must say that I am much better at preaching patience than at practicing it 😉
    Have always been an impatient woman, but I really think it makes sense to be kind to ourselves. And don’t you touch those weeds!!!!!! 😉
    Take care!

  5. sablonneuse

    Thank you all for your support and encouraging words.
    I do have some good news though -according to the scales I’ve lost two kilos!!! So eating sensibly works even when you’re not very active.

  6. Sara

    Yay, Sandy, good for you! I am impressed since when I am not active I am usually depressed and then I hit the carbs. You have a lot of self-control! XXXXXXX that’s the sound of applause!

  7. Good job, Sandy! Two kilos is 4.4 pounds! Excellent.

  8. sablonneuse

    Thank you. Now I have to make sure I keep it off and keep losing as my willpower isn’t that strong!

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