Sara – my last week of semi-vacation…

Well, this week I will have to do some serious work, boo hoo.  Can’t complain too much, at least my job has a slow season!  It was moderately hot this week, but having lived in Miami, Florida, it never seems REALLY hot in Pennsylvania to me…

July 23 – 1032 steps;  July 24 – 7400;  July 25 – 6539; July 26th – 5699, and I am particularly happy to have walked on this day, since I also spent a lot of time pulling weeds and moving plants around in my back yard.  There is more to do but I am procrastinating…

July 27 – 8945 steps.  Yes, it definitely helps to have a goal — such as walking to the store, even if you only need 3 things!  (easy to carry)

Mid-week I managed some abs exercises but didn’t do any the last couple of days.  Oh well…

Stay cool, everyone!  (but I think I’m keeping my underwear on…)  🙂



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7 responses to “Sara – my last week of semi-vacation…

  1. Claude

    Yes, having a goal does help.
    Walking to the store if you don’t have a lot you need is definitely great exercise. I also noticed that running several errands in the neighbourhood during the day often piles up as many steps if not more than a long walk.
    Some exercise sites say that abs sessions shouldn’t be done every day, but several times a week. Now I don’t think this would apply to my two minutes 😉
    As for gardening, I find it is really hard work.
    So it seems that you’ve had quite a productive week!

  2. lilalia

    It does look like a good week. Hope your work week goes well too.

  3. Incidentally, forgot to tell you! I bought the pedometer you recommended on eBay. It’s just wonderful and does its job even in your pocket, which is what I like. The only drawback for me is that its display is only in pounds, feet and miles! I was surprised that they didn’t give you a chance to change this to French measurements. But once it’s done (had to figure out my height in ft and inches! pounds are easier) it works wonderfully.
    I didn’t bother about stride, looked up the average for women on the Internet, and I was done.
    Even though I’m pretty clumsy, I managed to put it together without help!
    So thanks for the tip!

  4. Kay

    Great week, Sara!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  5. sablonneuse

    I’m particularly impressed about your gardening. My weeds are growing apace and I can’t sort them out yet.

  6. naomidagenbloom

    sara, very good–particularly in this hot weather which we’re sharing here in nyc.

    yes, goals needed to continue with regular exercise…now that’s a hard one for me. like the way you’ve figured how to make little trips.

    seems pedometer that claude now has adopted would suit those times–very few–when i dress up. i always have a pocket, so that would work! please tell the brand.

    we all have permission to do less some days than others. gardening would knock me out totally.

  7. Sara

    Oh thanks, everyone, for your encouragement. I will post in a few minutes with info on the pedometer (thanks Claude for trying it — believe it or not, I have not, for reasons to be explained later) and with some other encouraging stuff I found in Prevention– which is actually a pretty cool little magazine — they have a website,
    Actually I have slowed down the gardening a bit and have been spending more time on the computer which is a challenge…

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