Claude – before leaving for England

This is my last post for a while, since I won’t be around, or posting from Wednesday 30th to Monday, August 11th.
Here’s my last week in review, before I leave for England.
Monday July 21: I walked 6,000 steps and did my abs routine for three minutes
July 22: 4mn abs, 4,000 steps, 35 Wii aerobics, 25mn Wii, 1 hour- Feldenkrais session (with a CD)
July 23: 11,000 steps, 1-hour Feldenkrais session, 2mn abs
July 24: 2mn Abs, 35mn Wii aerobics, 25mn yoga and gym on the Wii, 6,000 steps, 700m swimming. Incidentally, the swimming-pool I went to was a salted water swimming-pool and I found that it was much easier to swim there than in my “usual” (I’ve only been there twice or three times, so can I call it usual?) swimming-pool at home in Paris.

raspberry tart

Should this be posted at ElderExercise?

July 25, pedometer said 8,000 steps, and I did 2mn abs.
July 26, I walked 5,000 and just did a lot of flat-cleaning, and found that I didn’t feel like much exercise afterwards!
Finally today, I drove home from Normandy, and later walked some 5,500 steps, did 45mn aerobics on the Wii, 15mn yoga also on the Wii, 2mn abs.
Was a bit naughty with food all week, but this is what happens to me when in Normandy, for some reason. However, I managed to be moderately naughty: bought some chocolate but only had three pieces, had strawberry pie and raspberry pie on (two different days) and had “lunch” today at McDonalds with my daughter and her boyfriend, am ashamed to say I enjoyed it, and did not finish the fries 😉
So exercise not too bad and food not too bad either 😉
Enjoy your exercise till August 12th! I’ll be walking and walking!



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5 responses to “Claude – before leaving for England

  1. Sara

    Fantastic, Claude! Moderate naughtiness is a great thing, especially when you are exercising as much as you are! Looks like a great week to me.
    We’ll miss your posts!
    Yes, I probably ought to be sleeping…soon…

  2. lilalia

    Hope the weather in England is conducive to a lot of walking and talking and photographing. We’ll be waiting for your return.

  3. Kay

    Ralph Waldo Emerson preached moderation in all things but Oscar Wilde said, “Nothing exceeds like excess.” So take your pick, Claude!

    I think you’re doing great! I wish were more dedicated to this but it seems to be working anyway.

    Have a great trip to England!!!! You will be missed!

  4. sablonneuse

    Enjoy your holiday!

  5. naomidagenbloom


    it’s so reassuring to be able to relate to your struggle. oh, the up-and-downness of it all! excellent on the exercise front, even had me thinking more about abs.

    just reading “mac donald’s” turns on the alarm bell. isn’t it great how righteous one can feel by letting others eat “your” french fries? now refraining from one or two of “theirs” is another test.

    in response to your question about gorgeous food pictures on this site, i say “no” until we’ve reached the next level of consciousness. bring back the scenery!

    yours, naomi

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