Lia: This week’s exercise

This week’s exercise is more or less how I hoped it would be; a bit of exercise each day.

Friday: Yoga 15-20 min, walking 6000 steps

Saturday: Walking 7000 steps

Sunday: Yoga 10 min

Monday: Yoga 25 min, walking 5000 steps

Tuesday: Yoga 10 min, cycling 7 km, walking 7000 steps

Wednesday: Yoga 30 min, cycling 10 km, walking 5000 steps

Thursday: Yoga 20 min, walking 10,000 steps

I’m finding that it is good to use the pedometer at the moment. This is because I am not out walking briskly so much due to the heat and busy-ness of my life. So, the steps are just what I more or less do in between work and home.



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6 responses to “Lia: This week’s exercise

  1. Looks like a great week, Lia. And it’s good to know how much you walk between work and home, too. This way, you know that no matter what, you’ve done your walking when you’ve been to work and back.
    I find walking briskly impossible when it gets hot.
    Off to read your tips on the subject of hot weather 😉

  2. Kay

    As always, you’re doing great, Lia!!!! With my schedule since I got back from Motown, I haven’t done as well as I’d like but I am still trying and refuse to feel guilty.

  3. lilalia

    Claude and Kay, the trick is to let the weather and our busy schedules fine tune what we do or don’t do. In Germany, everyone is so crazy about driving fast. Most Germans, when mentioning whether a road trip was successful, will mention how long it took. In Canada, when we are describing a successful trip we usually mention good weather conditions, no traffic jams, and what music or radio programs we listened to. For frankly, if those things don’t harmonize, a trip can be very strenuous.

  4. Kay, you’re right! No reason to feel guilty about anything. Especially when one isn’t doing anything wrong. The problem is often that we push our goals too far! So no wonder we can’t reach them. Let’s make it reasonable! 🙂

  5. sablonneuse

    That’s a great ‘step score’ for everyday walking even if it’s too hot to ‘go for a walk’ as such.

  6. lilalia

    Sandy, I just do extra rounds in this large building I work in and walk around town as well. Everything is very close, but I don’t take the shortest route any more since starting with this group. When I find myself on the one side of town and consider going and getting something on the other, I just go ahead knowing my step count will go up. Efficiency of manner is no longer a priority.

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