Claude – July 14th to July 20th

Bastille Day found me at home like a total couch potato. I was just tired and needed to do … nothing!
July 15th: my daughter dragged me to go swimming with her. And that was a good thing because my second time swimming turned out much better than the first time. The weather was nice and they had opened the glass roof, so it felt like an outdoors swimming-pool. And this time, I didn’t have cramps nor was I out of breath like the first time. So I swam 700m, stopping a while between laps.

That same afternoon, I had a doctor’s appointment at the hospital. Dr Hansel measured and weighed me and found that my waist was 9 cm shorter, and that I had lost 9 kgs. My cholesterol count has improved but not all that much, so I might end up taking some drug after all, but as I have been such a good pupil 😉 I still have a reprieve till next October (my next appointment). I have to tell you that Dr Hansel just understands about people –at least about people like me 😉

When I told him that I thought my tummy was flabby, in spite of the lost 9 cm, he suggested a two-minute routine with abs. I loathe abs! But two minutes… let’s face it! It’s manageable.
So I’ve added those two minutes every morning.
Going to hospital and back, my pedometer said 8,000 steps.
I got out of that appointment feeling like a million dollars and ready to resume my routine.
Going to hospital and back, my pedometer said 8,000 steps.
All in all, a productive day.

July 16th: 2mn abs, 30mn aerobic on the Wii, 6,000 steps.
July 17th, weather in Geneva was hot and stuffy, we only managed 12,000 steps and decided to take the train to Lausanne, which was cooler.

Geneva, Switzerland

The Jet d’Eau fountain under ominous skies

July 18th in Lausanne was lovely. We walked up and down the streets, –Lausanne is such a hilly place– and went to the Hermitage, a very nice museum, where they had an exhibition on Italian Renaissance Artists, and had a delicious lunch there.
I lay on the hotel floor and did my two mns abs and 10 mn stretching exercises. Then our pedometers (my friend Liliane has one too) said 14,000 steps.
July 19th, back in Paris, two mn abs, 30mn aerobics on the wii, my pedometer said 11,000 steps.
Today July 20th, I’m back in Bénerville and fast walked 25mn to a restaurant, had dinner (not really reasonable, but what can you do?) and fast walked back in 20mn.
Pedometer said 8,500 steps, and I did start my day with 30mn on the Wii, aerobics and balance, and did my two-mn ab routine.



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6 responses to “Claude – July 14th to July 20th

  1. lilalia

    You must be as pleased as punch to be given a clean bill of health. Ans what a variety of activities… you inspire me greatly.

  2. naomidagenbloom

    So good to hear about your doctor’s response to your efforts to change. And you certainly have pursued your goals in a very dedicated way. Also enjoy that he supports your wish to put off medication. My physician has heard that from me also.

    What is “abs routine”?

    Love the picture; see it as a visual response to what you’d written.

  3. Thanks, Lilalia 😉
    @ Naomi, Abdominal exercise routine, is what I meant. Not my favourite! But I must admit that it does help a bit with the flabbiness 😉
    Thanks for your encouragements. I’d love to be able to avoid medication, but it isn’t always possible!

  4. bikinjo

    Sounds like you’re doing pretty well, Claude. Glad to hear that, even if you did veg out on Bastille Day.

  5. Sara

    Wow, what a great record, Claude! A little vegging is OK, especially when you walk as much as you do. I must admit your mention of abs inspired and shamed me…I have let my abs routine languish for far too long. so I got out the old Pilates abs videotape yesterday and managed to do most of it…
    I must look up this wii thing — wii aerobics — what on earth can this be?
    And I’m happy you’re making cholesterol progress — even if you may have to do medicine eventually, it’s still better to be doing this exercise, a very good thing overall. 🙂 and best of wishes! (I do miss Paris…)

  6. The Wii is a game console . I mentioned it here
    Also see Wikipedia
    I particularly enjoy the step dancing and the rhythm boxing. But then, I am game oriented 😉

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