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Naomi – July 12 – 18

Two important exercise events this week. Began with a slow start.

3,3216 steps July 12 when I spent some hours at the Harlem Knitting Circle around the corner then talked and knit more under a tree with a friend.

4,755 steps July 13, decided I had to think about ways to increase my activity when near home. I live in a six-building development, that is a square block surrounding a parklike center. This night, frustrated by the low count on my pedometer, I walked the inside perimeter.

8,105 steps July 14. In the morning I paid attention to count of my inside-the-perimeter number: 1,000 steps. Now know how to get up to 5-6,000 goal in the future–take this walk more than once! The trip includes some aerobic possibilities plus practice for careful walking down steps.

Steps and inclines

Steps and inclines

5,074 steps July 15. All passengers had to leave subway after an accident; it was so hot as I walked, tried to find moving transportation, that I was sure my total would be much higher.

3,219 steps July 16, and time to weigh-in.  This was disappointing:  gained half a pound.  Oh well, now I see why the scale manufacturer advises only doing it once a week.

The more significant event was attending a one-hour stretch class sponsored by the Health & Retirement service here, led by a volunteer.  Very good.  I look forward to seeing what I can plug into my own irregular stretching before next week’s class.

6,006 steps July 17.  Though in the car to/from New Jersey, walked around historic Ocean Grove, N.J., enjoyed reading by the beach–and the quiet!

6,082 steps July 18, Taking the subway can always raise my numbers.  Today’s hair cut could lead to fewer pounds next week?  One hopes.

Since this is first time I’ve included an image (thanks, Lia, for the idea), it may be too large…better next time.  Hmm, that’s sounding like my current mantra.



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