Sandy – Latest Update

Well ladies and gentleman, I’m ashamed to say that the last week or so has been a bit of a disaster exercisewise.

This was partly due to watching Wimbledon, but my ‘exercise’ has also been restricted because of my creaky knee.

I knew I shouldn’t have crawled around on the floor trying to sort out my husband’s computer but I thought I’d got away with it until I did some gardening. Half an hour of forking up weeds and i really started to feel it. Then it ‘blocked’.

Yuk. Usually an hour or so of rest will put it right but I’ve been limping painfully for a few days now. If it doesn’t improve I’ll see the doc tomorrow.

On the more positive side I have really been forced to take dieting more seriously. Last week I had to see the doctor because my ankle was hurting. She said it was a case of bad circulation and varicose veins. So this means tablets, cream and a visit to the specialist.

Also, she prescribed some support ‘socks’ but these are very tight to put on and I had to ask myself the question, “Are my feet too far away or is my stomach too fat?”

You can guess the answer, can’t you?

It brought home to me the painful truth that it was no good promising to take myself in hand ‘tomorrow’ or ‘after such and such’ – I have to start NOW and take it a day at a time.

The nurse who comes in every day for Whale brought me a poster with a very good diet and I’m doing my absolute best to stick to it.

This is crunch time.



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11 responses to “Sandy – Latest Update

  1. Sara

    Hang in there, Sandy — sounds like it can only get better!
    One thing that my mom used to do (she had a lot of trouble walking due to a deteriorated hip joint) was lie on her back in bed and bicycle her legs in the air. Sounds goofy but it did give her a little workout without having to bear weight on that leg! Sometimes I do this too just to keep the joints limbered up…

  2. lilalia

    Sandy, here’s wishing that with a good diet your knee and feet improve. One of the good things about our bodies, is that they usually do react positively when we keep care of them. Maybe it will be possible to think of the diet not as a form of torture or punishment, but as a form of tender loving care.

  3. Kay

    I’m sorry, Sandy, that you’re hurting. As a person who doesn’t eat right, I can sympathize with you. The nice part is you have us here to be cheerleaders for you! We will support and encourage you as you make progress and let you vent when you don’t!!!!! Hang tough, my friend!!! You will prevail!!!!

  4. naomidagenbloom

    Oh, Sandy, that’s terrible to have your effort to be helpful computer-wise give you a pain in the knee.

    Is there just one thing on the new diet that is “less” challenging than all the rest, that you can start with, report here? Saying this because I can get too ambitious with these things and have to rachet down usually.

    Glad you’re still with us and look forward to supporting your efforts. Yours, naomi

  5. sablonneuse

    Thank you all for your support and encouragement.
    I’m not going to go hungry on this diet and it allows unlimited fruit and veg (which I like) and quite a lot of yoghurt – also one patisserie per week!
    The knee thing was my own fault. I know I’m not supposed to kneel down at all. Last time I got down to clean the skirting board without thinking I suffered for it for three months. Will I never learn!

  6. Sandy, I certainly wish you the best on the diet. Sometimes it takes something like that to make us aware that we should stop abusing our bodies! This is actually what happened to me when I discovered that I had high blood pressure. With the weight loss I must say that I have also lost a lot of the aches and joint pains that used to plague me.
    And as I said before, when I started, I felt just as bad as you did and when I’d walked 4,000 steps, I felt it was an incredible achievement. And it WAS!
    The heavier we are and the more difficult it is to move.
    Take care of that knee and don’t let your husband be a pain in the knee (or in any other part for that matter) 😉
    Take care of your self. Stick to the diet and hang on in here, little by little it’ll work.

  7. Ron

    Much good luck Sandy. I agree that Today is the day to begin on the dietary issues. It is not easy, but it pays good dividends as time passes.

    Hope that circulation improves soon.

    Best good wishes,

  8. sablonneuse

    Claude and Ron, thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I patted myself on the back (or should that be tummy?) today for not eating chips that I’d cooked for everyone else. I had my fish with vegetables and a little potato salad.

  9. Claude

    Hope you’re still patting yourself on the … tummy and that your knee is better. Let us know, will you?

  10. bikinjo

    Must be frustrating to have pleasurable gardening short-circuited by your knee problem. I guess whatever little we can do at times, whether it’s just diet, exercising in place, counting our daily steps is important. I’m not doing much right now, but will eventually do some. Don’t give up.

  11. Quite right bikinjo, one must take one’s time!

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