Claude – A week with visitors

The week before, I had told you I had had a great day with a blogging friend, and now she has joined the group.
Last week, my flickr friends from Norwich were here in Paris and we covered a lot of ground.

Paris, La Défense

From La Défense…

No fast walking or biking or aerobics on the Wii, but a lot of walking on an average of 16,000 steps a day.
I must admit that after some 16,000 or 17,000 steps, when I got home, I was knackered and didn’t feel like adding anything to my exercise day! As I said before, being a tourist is a hard job 😉 But one we enjoy!


… to Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

Eating properly turned out to be more difficult, but when I got on the scales yesterday, strangely enough, I had lost 2 pounds. So I guess the walking made up for over-eating!



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6 responses to “Claude – A week with visitors

  1. naomidagenbloom

    touring may be hard work but look at your unexpected results…2 pounds! impressive– 16,000 steps already. with the build-up to this, do you find yourself less tired as you add more?

    think you give your body a chance to re-coup by letting go of additional exercises after all that walking .

  2. Naomi, when I started off, 4,000 steps felt like I had been walking for an entire day! I walked for 4,000 steps for a long time every day and slowly added up.
    Also, when I mention 17,000, it means that I’ve stopped for lunch or a cup of coffee at one point or another. And if I feel like sitting down to get some rest, I just do.
    And yes, I do feel less tired as I add more.
    I’m convinced it’s important to listen to one’s body and not overdo it. Whenever I overdo it, I get backache or don’t feel well the next day, and have to go without exercise to re-coup.
    The difficult part is to listen to my body, and not to my natural laziness 😉

  3. lilalia

    Claude, how impressive a number must be, 17,000 steps. You go, gal!

  4. sablonneuse

    I’m glad you said 4000 steps seemed a lot when you started as that makes me feel better!
    Walking round as a ‘tourist’, especially with friends, is a great way to exercise in my opinion.

  5. Sara

    Yay, Claude! Being a tourist IS hard work. I have finally gotten rid of my blisters from all the walking in France — but I’ll take that kind of work any day, blisters or not!
    Yes it does take a while to build up. I started exercising about 3 years ago right after Christmas. The first time I got on the elliptical trainer, I was huffing and puffing after 3 minutes and my legs thought they would die. And that was on the lowest setting! Persisting through that initial feeling of being SO out of shape was very important…little by little.

  6. Kay

    Claude — you are my hero!!! You’ve really gotten in the groove of this. What a role model you are!

    The Man and I walked every day while I was away. There’s a lovely park with an walking track near his home.

    Now that I’m home, I need to get a pedometer and drag myself down to our park for a good walk daily!

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