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Lia – A weekend of walking

The last week was highlighted by a visit to London to meet up with two of my high school friends. We traveled far: one from Montreal, Canada, another from Goa, India, and my humble self from Luebeck, Germany. I thought we would spend all our time sitting in some café talking the three days through, but we actually spent a good portion of the day walking. I find that big city living consists of a lot of walking. Maybe those of you here living in Paris or New York can confirm this. I wish I had a pedometer for it would have been interesting to know.

Living in a relatively small city like Luebeck, there is no need to wear a pedometer, for I know all the distances.

So, a summary of last week:

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: hours of walking each day

Monday: 16 km cycling, 40 min. walking

Tueday: 15 min. walking, 25 min. yoga

Wednesday: 15 min. yoga

Thursday: 1 hour yoga



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