Claude – How about a ‘tips and tricks’ section?

foot ointment I’ll start with my feet 😉
I was thinking of that last night as I was answering Lilalia’s query about my feet.
In the winter, at one point, one of my heels’ skin just cracked and started to hurt. I went to see a podologist because I can’t let anything happen to my feet as they are my main source of exercise!

So she said it was all my fault for not ointing my feet every day with some cream. Just not my cup of tea. But what can I do?
Ever since then, I’ve been ointing my feet with Eucerin foot cream twice a day. Just a tiny amount of ointment is enough.
And it’s done the job. My heels feel much better.

Any tips and tricks that you might want to share? Could be about health, motivation, routine, or anything that you’d like to suggest.

Lia’s trick: she walks barefoot as much as she can
Naomi’s trick: Dr. Wacky’s Oweee! Ointment on her heels. Not a joke, there’s even a website!



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3 responses to “Claude – How about a ‘tips and tricks’ section?

  1. lilalia

    Claude, excellent idea. Maybe we should make it a weekly or monthly thing…

    My tip for feet problems is to go barefoot as much as possible. Also walking in sand is good.

  2. Kay

    Excellent idea!!!!! Isn’t that what this blog is about? Helping each other as we try to help ourselves?

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Okay, this is well-timed. On our way to airport in Portland, went to pick up meals at favorite grocery. I love little containers of skin care, etc.

    As soon as I finish writing here will apply–ready?–Dr. Wacky’s Oweee! Ointment*–photo of the guy on lid–to heels of feet. (Should have had pedometer on ’cause cannot go barefoot goo-covered, many steps to digging out flip-flops.)
    *Also great for psoriasis, eczema,cold sores,pimples,rashes,minor burns,diabetic sores.

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