Today’s workout

Hi Everyone!

Hoped to get out and bike, but it rained enough to discourage that.  So I did an hour on the treadmill. About 3.5 mph on flat ground, so nothing epic.  I did a hard (defined as using big gears) indoor workout on the bike trainer yesterday.

What we hoped for today, but maybe can do tomorrow if weather allows, is to bike up to our favorite deli for lunch.  We do that often.  It is about 4 miles including one hill that might get a Category 4 designation on some pro road race stages were it a bit longer.  It’s enough to work up an appetite, for sure.

Coming home its a 35-40 mph coast down that big hill, then some flat, and the last 2 miles include three short but steep grades.  I like that because as a diabetic it helps me burn some of those carbs from lunch.  We try to find the glass half full in all our exercise pursuits.

Best from sunny (except for today) Kansas,



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  1. What a great idea to bike to a deli and bike back. No biking for me on busy Paris streets, but I like walking to a restaurant and try to walk fast on the way back. Helps burn the calories and keeps me from falling asleep on the couch after a rich meal!
    Am I the only one feeling totally drowsy after a meal?

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