Bikinjo – I’m back

Have been AWOL for quite a while for reasons I’ve written quite enough about on my blog. Seems my exercise pgm is the first to go (probably should be the last) when I get a lot on my plate — the humor of that cliche’ does not escape me though it was unintentional. (I realize I have begun eating ice cream more frequently during this period.)

I temporarily (maybe permanently) retired my stationary bike (due to certain bike features,) but especially after reading at another such biker’s blog of a potential problem which based on other issues, I knew I would be at high risk for developing. I then started investigating and thought I’d buy a stationary recumbent bike since last here, but suddenly evil spirits invaded my life. Lots of malfunctioning appliances and other calamities going on. Am allowing all to resolve, then will resume my bike search. Meanwhile, will try to keep up weekly with a summary of my necessarily newly revised exercise efforts.

Warmup exercises — can still do these, but haven’t been, so will resume daily.

Barbell lifting — 5 lbs ea. — same as above.

Water — Inc. regular intake i.e. order only water w/lemon instead of other beverages whenever I eat out (eating out a lot lately.)

Diet — one to two meals daily, but have maintained appropriate portions, including veggies and no desserts. May need to resume brkfast & oatmeal with more fresh fruit. May not want to give up the newly acquired habit of evening ice cream.

Walking — may add this to my regimen with bike presently retired, but summer heat could be an issue.

Sleep — pattern is liveably consistent, but comfortably variable for my activities, so no longer a focus for adjustment — getting adequate sleep nightly.



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8 responses to “Bikinjo – I’m back

  1. BikinJo, great to have you back.
    I find that recumbent indoors bikes are much more comfortable than stationary bikes, which hurt my bottom like hell 😉

  2. lilalia

    BinkinJo, nice to meet you. Is there any chance of walking early in the morning or late at night?

  3. Ron


    I just joined up, but am enjoying this group very much.

    I agree with Claude about the recumbent. We have a recumbent indoor bike made by True, and it is big and comfy. My wife likes it a lot. I use it once in a while and find it certainly more comfy than the seats on my outdoor road bikes.

    Best wishes from sunny Kansas,

  4. Kay

    Welcome, Ron!!!! Nice to meet you!!!!

  5. Kay

    Hey, Jo!!!!! Good to see you here!!!!! I like the idea of a stationery bike but have no where to put it. My apartment is full!!!!!!

  6. Claude

    Kay, recumbent bikes take even more room than stationary bikes but they don’t hurt your butt 😉

  7. sablonneuse

    hello there,
    Sorry to hear you’ve had problems but hope you’re getting sorted out now.
    I’m with you on ice-cream – if there’s some in the freezer it is just asking to be eaten.
    There was a recent snippet of news about introducing increased water intake at a home for elderly people and after several weeks they all felt much perkier and even claimed it helped with aches and pains. I’m going to try to get through 1.5 litres a day now.

  8. bikinjo

    Glad to see so many new names added during the long break I took — lilalai, Ron, Kay, sablonneuse. I miss Julie.

    Appreciate the input from all of you re the incumbent bike — will be a while before I get one as have other commitments. Also, a major major family room upheaval needed to make room.

    lilalia: Walking is possible with some sked adjustments, after I stablize my most recent sked chng. I must make major commitment for either/or really early a.m. or p.m. due to summer heat.

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