Lia- Luebeck a Walker’s Paradise

It is wonderful that all of us on this site is living and exercising in different corners of the world. I just came back from a walk along the Luebeck Trave canal. This is a canal that surrounds the island of Luebeck. At eleven o’clock on a sunny Sunday, the walkways are populated with walkers, runners, parents and grandparents pushing children carriages, dog owners and their dogs, and people sitting in waterfront cafés enjoying a leisurely brunch.

Down the street from where I live in Luebeck

I was struck this morning at how many old people there were walking, running, bicycling along the canal. There were even two four-seater skulls (wo)manned by women well into their 60s and 70s. Talk about Grey Panthers!

Along the canal walkway, looking over to the Luebeck skyline.

I wanted to share with you some of the beauty of my walk.



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5 responses to “Lia- Luebeck a Walker’s Paradise

  1. What delightful photos, Lilalia! Yes, I do remember Lübeck as a charming place.
    Thanks for posting them here. I too see more and more elders walking, running, and cycling in Paris.

  2. Ron

    I found your photos very inspiring Lilalia!

    So we did a hard 30 minute workout indoors, and then decided to do a walk out in the Kansas version of scenery. Logged 3 miles looking at the wildflowers and listening to the birds.

    And after the indoor portion my glucose was down to 70, which is about as low as I like to get. So, I got to eat a yummy energy bar before the outdoor walk. I always like it when the numbers on my glucose meter say “eat something!”.

    So, thanks for the inspiration.

    Best good wishes from sunny Kansas,

  3. Kay

    How lovely!!! The walking track in the park near my home is nice but yours is ever so much prettier! What a great incentive to exercise!!!!

  4. lilalia

    Claude, maybe we are a part of a silent revolution. I’ve been noticing more and more elders out doing things, I wouldn’t normally think they would like doing.

    Ron, my aunt was diabetic. Like you she had a very regulated routine of exercise and eating. She was also one of the most positive free-spirited persons I ever had the pleasure to love. I’ve always wondered how she could have been so free, when anchored in such a rigid schedule.

    Kay, the canal walkways really are pretty here. Fortunately, it rains a lot (smile) so the walking paradise is not always so paradisaical.

  5. sablonneuse

    What a beautiful place! It’s good to find so many ‘elders’ taking advantage of the scenery to keep healthy.

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