Kay — Update

With my shoulder aching it slowed me down a lot.  I tried a few things my physical therapist taught me after my stroke and it helped. It’s finally better but is still achy at times so I’m off the weights for a bit longer.  It’s been chilly all week — not like June at all!  I’m gonna ask Al Gore why my part of the globe is cooling.   I’ve got to work out a walking schedule. I worked a lot this past week and have been tired in addition to achy.  Sigh,  I’ve been good with my diet however.  I’m eating more salads and less chocolate!!! Onward and upward next week!!!!




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4 responses to “Kay — Update

  1. sablonneuse

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Aches and pains do make you feel less active don’t they? Anyway – hope it improves soon. Is it the kind of ache that responds to going out for a walk or does that make it worse?

  2. Rest is what you need for your shoulder! I’ve never seen any point in suffering. When you ask Al Gore about YOUR part of the globe, ask him about mine as well. We’ve been having lousy weather except for one week.
    More salads and less chocolate! Wow!

  3. naomidagenbloom

    agree with all the above as well as the weather issue. been weird here in portland for this time of year, though pleasant and dry. because we brought umbrella!

    did you get a little pedometer; measuring is fun and orders my day. now to figure out what it all really means and like you try to find an exercise. it’s my middle part that needs work–and you?

    yours, naomi

  4. Kay

    I don’t need much work weight wise, Naomi. I need things tightened up. I’ve actually lost a jeans’ size this past year but I still feel flabby and soft. I swear I don’t feel thinner!!!! I also am trying to improve my mobility. Most importantly, I’m trying to eat healthy. I hate cooking for just me.

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