Sandy – Hello there

Elderexercise will, I hope, motivate me into getting moving and losing some of the weight I’ve put on on the last three years (20+kilos!) – or at least, stop me gaining even more!

it looks as though I’ll need a pedometer as I’ve no idea how many steps I take during a day – or how many i should aim for.

The only other ‘kit’ we have at home is a bicycle (in the bathroom). When we put it together – without reading the instructions properly – i did something wrong and so it’s pretty hard going, even on the lowest setting. Never mind. It makes me work harder. At present I can manage 1km in just under 6 minutes.

Long walks are out of the qustion as I have a kneecap problem – mustn’t work kneeling down, and if I’m not careful the knee ‘blocks’ at inconvenient moments. A few years ago I enjoyed walking to the next village and back (about 2 hours) but wouldn’t dare try now.

Of course, serious dieting would help but I love food. I’ll try to eat more sensibly but the important thing is to keep moving.

You ladies sound as though you mean business so I’m looking forward to joining in.



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4 responses to “Sandy – Hello there

  1. Welcome to ElderExercise, Sandy. There is nothing ‘compulsory’ about the pedometer, but I find that it does help. I record my daily number of steps and write it down. Never mind where you start, whether you’re around 1,000 steps or 15,000! One has to start somewhere. And I guess that the general idea is to do a little more every day, or maybe every week. I like to feel that I am doing something for myself.
    About biking, I find it extremely boring, but the nice part is your weight isn’t on your knees, and it’s good for your heart they say.
    Anyway, as they say, take courage 😉

  2. sablonneuse

    Thanks for the welcome, Claude – and also for sorting out my ‘page’ and putting it in the right place.
    My son went shopping earlier today and bought me a pedometer, I’ve done two (separate) kms on the bike but the bad news is my daughter has just given me a piece of chocolate!

  3. kayd1010

    Aw Sandy, a piece of chocolate won’t hurt. Think of it as a small reward for deciding to join us.

    I’m pretty awful at this sort of thing but I’m hoping y’all will help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish.

    All effort adds up to accomplishment and it happens one day at a time.

  4. sablonneuse

    Thanks Kay. I’ll say nothing about Sunday lunch and two desserts then. . . . . .
    On the other hand, it’s nice to have a day of indulgence once a week I think.

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