Claude – Tuesday, April 8

As I said, my heel was chaffed and I was given a sort of plastic film to cover it and heal it that seems to work wonders.

Pedometer says 13,000 steps.

I got one of those tables for hospital beds and sat it next to the bike, set my laptop on it and watched an episode and a half of Weeds —-strange! But it beats doing nothing.
I fast pedalled for 42mn, which is my best time ever! 🙂

Quite pleased with myself.

Thursday, I’m off to Norwich, so no fast walking or fast biking for over a week, but a lot of walking, no doubt.



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3 responses to “Claude – Tuesday, April 8

  1. bikinjo

    Sounds like you’re doing well with your program, and glad the heel issue is being addressed. Enjoy walking Norwich.

  2. bikinjo

    Claude, I just noticed the Blogroll link to a “Conversion Calculator.” Great! Thanks!

  3. It will be interesting to see if you find the holiday exercise – walking most of the day – easier now that you have an exercise routine.

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