Julie – end Week 5

Drats! Flicked my pedometer off my shorts and it fell heavily onto the tiles. Need to pull it apart as it is working eratically. Arrived at the gym this morning only to be told that it was no longer daylight saving and I was an hour early. Shall try to take both these occurrences in my stride.

I am happy with the gym thus far. Will do a slight increase to resistance on each machine each Monday and see how I cope. I do quite like the gym itself and its equipment. Fitting it in is working.

I had breakfast at home one morning last week. I also cooked myself 2 evening meals. Want to increase both those this week. Shall try to be in bed by 11pm each evening. This will be a struggle.

I had a bar of chocolate on Thursday but none over the weekend – go figure! I am still having part of a glass of wine each evening but shall try to reduce the part to less and less. See how I go.

My depression is taking longer to lift this time. I have to do an assessment at work this week which is bearing down on me. I spent time with my son over the weekend looking for a new apartment – this went well. Shall work on little achievements and see if this helps me to feel “capable”.



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8 responses to “Julie – end Week 5

  1. I lost one pedometer and busted another one since I started using it. I manage to have a spare one ready 😉
    More difficult to fight depression when one is working. This doctor who’s inspired me says not to ask too much from oneself at the same time as we can’t do everything at the same time. I know he is right, but it’s still difficult to achieve.
    In this country, they say that one glass of wine at dinner is good for you 😉
    Different cultures…
    I don’t drink anything unless when in company. Not because I’m virtuous but because I don’t like it all that much.

  2. Yes, it is difficult to stop asking too much of oneself. However, at the moment I do seem to be doing too much and I am feeling the pinch. Soon I hope to have all the legal work for my elderly father completed and that will remove a weight from my shoulders.

    I know the French recommend a glass of wine with dinner but doctors here also recommend one or two days a week be alcohol-free. I really only have a very small glass of wine but I have it to take the edge off my anxiety and that is what is the challenge to me.

  3. Ok, now I get why you want to give it up.

  4. I am doing fine this evening – lots of internal monologues going on! I am about to retire to read – cooked myself a full meal and NO WINE!
    I am so pleased to be part of this blog – it helps me to say out loud things that I bottle up.

    “I have it to take the edge off my anxiety” – big moment that.

  5. I am quite pleased with this blog too. I like the exchange. Congratulations on the NO WINE 😉

  6. bikinjo

    Glad you’re doing so well, Julie. Congrats on the “no wine.” Many red wines feel “heavy” on my system, tiring me, so lean toward whites when I do have any.

    I’m pleased with this blog, too, as it’s what got me started exercising and what brought me back when I could easily just “let another day go by” without exercising. When I was in my forties I had an excellent self-disciplined pgm for reg. bike riding outdoors that I religiously followed and successfully reached my goals. Somehow, I’m a bit more lax with my pgm. this time. Am thinking more about not overdoing or hurting myself, catching my limitations or problems early. Didn’t even think about having such problems at forty and didn’t have any.

  7. bikinjo

    Claude, I just noticed you put up the “Conversion Calculator.” Great! Thanks!

  8. Jo, when I think back to the stop/start nature of my relationship to exercise, it is a wonder that I am doing anything at all. I can remember trying to teach myself to jog around the lakes in Canberra in 1974. I would “jog” for 100 then walk for 100. By the time I had children 10 years later, I would be on the “road” 5 times per week by 5:45am. Now that my time is my own, maintaining any sort of discipline is very tough. What keeps me going is just how good I feel for the 2 hours post exercise. That and the fact that I have folks to report to and whinge to – and they me.

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