Claude – Friday, March 21st

Last night, the dog didn’t bark for the first time. Her owner has come back. But believe it or not, I didn’t sleep well at all because I was sort of listening for some more barking at one point or another. 😉
I have been acquiring Pavlovian reflexes, obviously.

Anyway, today, I was really good with drinking water and eating properly.

I still have this pain in my thigh. I debated seeing my doctor or not, but I am due for a hospital check up this Thursday, so I guess it can wait till then.
Plus I guess I know pretty well what she would say. Something like get some rest and it’ll fix itself.

I had my weekly one-hour stretching session. Quite satisfactory. I am practising skills like sitting on the floor and squatting on all fours, which obviously I wouldn’t do on my own 😉
I was quite pleased with myself because when I stretched out to touch the floor, which has been about 40 cms from my hands for years, I was almost there! Maybe next time.

No walking, except for basic shopping, no biking 😦


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One response to “Claude – Friday, March 21st

  1. bikinjo

    Gee, sorry to hear about the food upset. Had to chuckle at your dog park conditioning — but not really funny. Glad you’re back to eating and drinking well. Congrats on the stretching exercise. Maybe I need to get down on the floor, too. We’ll see.

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