Bikinjo – Tues. 3/18

Warmup ex.; Sta. Bike Pedalling 10mins.; cont. sust. pulse 70 beats/min. pre & post ex.

Water intake cont. as prev./cont. need to inc.

Food: Brkfast – 2 prunes;  early-aft. slice lemon cake, nonfat latte; dinner fish w/2 tsp. lobster sauce, mixed  vegs., baked potato, 1 1/2 tsp. whipped butter, slice cornbread w/2 tsp. honey; evening serving frozen non-dairy w/2 servings unsweetened fresh strawberries

Sleep sked correction went awry — must be careful any night activity does not over-stim. thot i.e. was reading Didion’s “The Year of Magical Thinking.”

Bought 2 five pound dumbells to add to ex. regimen. — armlifts  abv head 5x ea lft & rt


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