Bikinjo – Sun. 3/16 & Mon. 3/17

Sun. 3/16 — no biking today; sleep sked closer to goal; water intake cont. as prev. (need to inc.); lunner  bal. 430 cal.;  4 hrs later-brick cheese w/ wheat crackers & ice cream with equiv. 3 servings fresh unsweetened strawberries.

Mon. 3/17 — sleep sked on target except for lolling in bed a.m. a couple hours after spont.  approp. wake-up time.   Lunch: 1 scramb. egg, serving hash brown potatoes, 2 slices wheat toast w/ 2 tsp jam.  Mid-aft.: nonfat med. size latte.  Dinner: 430 cal. (chicken, veg., mashed potato.)  32 oz. water.  3 servings unsweet. fresh strawberries.

Stat. bike pedallling inc. to 10 mins.; pulse cont.  pre & post constant @ 70 beats/min.



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3 responses to “Bikinjo – Sun. 3/16 & Mon. 3/17

  1. That is a good idea, Jo – to measure one’s pulse. I will see if I can implement that when I arrive at work to monitor my effort. The number of steps alone is not a sufficient measure of the work done. Thanks.

  2. Anything wrong with lying a bit in bed? I did that today and enjoyed it. 😉
    Looks like you’re doing fine, doesn’t it?

  3. bikinjo

    Julie: Several yrs ago when I was fortunate to have access to medical/exercise staff for heart pts. they had us and their heart pts always check & record pulse rate pre and post our exercise pgms — upper and lower body ex machines, including armlifts with dumbells that concluded with workout on treadmill.

    Claude: Only prob. with lying in bed is I can use it and other activities to avoid other impt. tasks. Just need a consist. routine for a while, then give myself some slack — I think. 😉

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