Claude – Monday, March 3

A difficult day on the food side as we went to a lovely restaurant for lunch.
I had oysters and then fish, which are really OK in terms of cholesterol, but just had to sample my daughter’s dessert and entrée. And the white wine really got to me! 😦
Well, I did walk some of it off.

Pedometer: 11,673 steps
Water consumption: about 1 litre.



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2 responses to “Claude – Monday, March 3

  1. But this is pleasureable – right. First, it was with you daughter. Second, it is pleasurable in its own right.

    So … need to get the basics right. This will set us on the right path. Then, we need an “antidote”. They say if you drink coffee, then you need a glass of water to replenish what the coffee takes out of our body – right. So … if we have a blow out, we need an antidote.
    A good antidote for me (and it varies from person to person, I guess) is to have more water and to go for a stiff walk (including up a hill).
    What would be a good antidote for you, Claude?

  2. Exactly what I did. I drank loads of water and went for a walk. No steep hills in Paris, but, that did help.

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